USA Gymnastics Region 2

 Athlete, parents, friends, and fans of Region 2, support the region by being in Region 2 apparel!  It is for sale until March 19th in the region 2 store.  When the sale is complete, orders will be shipped.  See the website for details. 

Club of the Year award
Joe Rapp (middle) from Hawaiian Island Twisters receiving the 2016 Club of the Year Award presented by the Hawaii State Chairman Pam Zak to his left and Regional Administrative Chairman Marian DeWane to his right. Coaches from Left to right are Tracie Tamashiro, Lori Yee, Jessie Miyasato, Christine Dorrepaal, and Joel Shugart

Bids for 2018

Juanita High School has informed Leading Edge that they are planning to do remodeling and the site is no longer available to them.  This means that the bids for 2018 will reopen.  The new bids will be due April 1 and reviewed at the regional committee meeting April 6.

Region 2 Elections

Region 2 Elections for RTCC, RJOCC, and RXCC are this year!  See the link below for nomination forms, criteria to hold each office, the election schedule.


Regional Meet 2017

The Regional Meet for 2017 will be April 7-9 at Century Link Arena in Boise Idaho.

New this year:

To qualify to the regional meet as a 9 or 10 athletes requires a 34 AA at your respective state meet. To qualify to Level 9  Westerns requires a 34 AA at the regional meet.  To qualify to Level 10 Nationals requires a 35 AA at the regional meet. 

General Schedule of Regionals:

Friday: Level 10’s (1 or 2 sessions depending on the numbers) and Friday evening the Level 8 State Team competition

Saturday: Level 9’s (3 sessions)

Sunday: Level 8’s (3 sessions)

High Tech Clinic Hotel

Are you going to the High Tech Clinic? Be sure to get your hotel room booked in Advance!

Start date: 11/10/16
End date: 11/15/16
Last day to book: 10/21/16

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  TownePlace Suites Seattle Southcenter  for 79 USD  per night

Book your group rate for High Tech Clinic

Kount on Kindness

In 2014, International Gymnastics created an initiative called Kount on Kindness which is a proactive campaign to promote kindness and positivity throughout the gymnastics community.  One of the main goals of this campaign is to create a workout environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted.  It is a pledge that can be taken by gyms as a whole or gymnasts individually to do their part in spreading kindness in their gym.

As some of you may know, October is anti-bullying month so to go along with that theme we created “October Acts of Kindness”.  During October Acts of Kindness, we encourage members to send us kind acts that they have done recently so that we can support them, spread the kindness and encourage others to participate by posting about it on our social media.  At the end of the month, we review all of the submissions and give recognition for the efforts of all who participated.

Since the campaign has grown, we have gained athlete endorsers and sponsors such as Mancino and Flaghouse that love to read and share the stories and reach an even wider audience!

If you, your team or any team you know are doing any acts of kindness this month or have done any recently, write a story about it and send in pictures to us so that we can post it!  We would love to have you and your team participate in the campaign! Visit our website and take the pledge at


Region 2 Camps 2016 – SUPER CAMPS

We are excited to announce the Regional High Tech Camp and Super Camp information for 2016! Please note that registration forms and payments are due by a certain date and we will take gymnasts on a first come, first serve basis. We do have a limit for each camp on the number of participants (first 100 gymnasts). The earlier you register, the more you will guarantee a spot for your gymnasts.
Anyone with a Professional Membership is invited to attend the Camps- no charge. This includes coaches that need more education (no need to have an athlete at the camp to be eligible to attend), college coaches, and any judges that would like more education.
The following are the criteria for gymnasts to attend and dates/times for the camps:


Who is eligible? Any Level 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10
Goal: To problem solve for better skills and technique, motivate gymnasts to work harder for bigger skills and better form. Provide a forum for coaches to work together to make everyone in our region better.
Dates: NORTH: October 29-30, 2016 at Emerald City,17735 NE 65th Street, Suite 110, Redmond, WA 98052
SOUTH: November 5-6, 2016 at USGymnastics Academy, 4540 Commerce Street Suite B, Eugene, OR 97402
WEST: One camp will be held in Hawaii in conjunction with the Gymnastics in Paradise meet – see the registration form for information on this camp. It has different times and prices.)
Times: Exact times will be determined later, but approximate times will be Saturday afternoon and early evening, Sunday morning until early afternoon.
Clinicians: Will be announced at a later date.

Registration Forms: region-2-camps-2016-super-camps-1

Region 2 Camps 2016 – HIGH TECH AND HOT SHOTS

We are excited to announce the Regional High Tech Camp and Super Camp information for 2016! Please note that registration forms and payments are due by a certain date and we will take gymnasts on a first come, first serve basis. We do have a limit for each camp on the number of participants. The earlier you register, the more you will guarantee a spot for your gymnasts.
Anyone with a Professional Membership is invited to attend the Camps – no charge. This includes coaches that need more education (no need to have an athlete at the camp to be eligible to attend), college coaches, and any judges that would like more education.
The following are the criteria for gymnasts to attend and dates/times for the camps:


Who is eligible: For High Tech: Open to all and any USAG athlete member. Recommendations are that they are L9 & L10.
For Hot Shots: Our Hot Shots group is open to current USAG athlete members and it is recommended that they are Level 7/8, and defined as young talented optional level gymnasts, ages 7-12, that are strong and highly motivated with the following skills. If they have TOPS experience, that is a plus. We encourage all coaches to come even if you don’t bring gymnasts and learn great techniques to put into your program for high level development. Please do not enroll gymnasts that don’t have the following abilities. You must submit a video to Mark Kindelspire at Mark will let you know if your athlete qualifies.

Splits all three ways, two kip cast handstands in a row, 5 giants in a row, 15 second handstand hold, handstand walk across the floor, back handspring high beam, round off flip flac layout.

Goal: To help coaches problem solve, create drills for higher level skills, improve technique and form, and motivate gymnasts to strive for their best. Give coaches skills to develop gymnasts to be better athletes to be competitive at the National level.
Dates: November 11-13, 2016
Location: Metropolitan Gymnastics, 6822 South 190th, Kent, WA 9803
Times: Friday: 6:00-8:00
Saturday: 9:00-4:00
Sunday: 9:00-2:30
Clinicians: To be announced (several college coaches and high level JO coaches)
Limit of 80 gymnasts. Send money and registration early to guarantee a spot. No registration will be taken without payment.

Registration Forms: region-2-camps-2016-high-tech-and-hot-shots-1

Upcoming Events

  • Last date optional state meets March 17 – 19 weekend
  • Regionals April 7 – 9 Boise (hosted by Jim Tighe)
  • Westerns April 27 – 30 Boise (hosted by Region 2)
  • JO Level 10 Nationals May 4 – 7 in Indianapolis, Indiana
National Gymnastics Day  
New Guide to Gymnastics 
Photography Guidelines

Stay up to date with the Member Club Legislative Advocacy with our network

Here are what some club owners are facing in their states  (see video links below)


State Issues Reported by Club Owners

2016 Level 10 National Results: Fort Worth Texas

Event Champion: Evanni Roberson – Emerald City – Sr F – Bars
Gymnast Gym Age Place
Amber McArthur Metropolitan Jr A 7th Vault
Kalyxta Gamiao HITS Jr A 5th Floor
Sam Smith Auburn Jr A 7th Vault
Grace Johnson Emerald City Jr B 10th Bars, 9th Floor
Bailey McCabe Auburn Jr B 2nd Vault
Emma Morgenthaler Eastside Jr B 9th Vault
Ashley Albrecht Leading Edge Sr C 10th AA
Geneva Thompson Metropolitan Sr C 4th Vault
Evanni Roberson Emerald City Sr F 7th tie AA,1st Bars
Grace Donaghy MAC Sr F 10th bars

Level 9 Western Champions

All Around Champions
  • SR 6 Mary Packham    OMEGA
  • SR 8 Sara Tully         Westside
Event Champions
  • Western Champion Sr 6 Floor Mary Packham    OMEGA
  • Western Champion Sr 6 Vault and Floor Margo Mead         Metropolitan
  • Western Champion Sr 7 Beam Taylor Brooks    Auburn
  • Western Champion Sr 6 Bars Gabriela Griffin    Westside
  • Western Champion Sr 8 Bars Sara Tully        Westside
  • Western Champion Sr 8 Beam Sarah Gilstrap    OGA
  • Bar Champion Jr 5 Mackenzie Chandler   OMEGA
  • Beam Champion Jr 8 Mackayla Howell        Bronco Elite
  • Bar Champion Sr 1 Jessica Wong                  Gym East

2016 Westerns Results


Region 2 Gear Now Available
If you are interested in athletic wear from Region2, we now have it available! Please check out all our great gear:  Region2 Sports Gear

Our Condolences
Region 2 sends their condolences to the Lee Bjella family.  She passed away after a brief illness March 20th.

The funeral for Lee will be Saturday April 2nd at 11:00 am at the First Baptist Church, 1616 Pacific Avenue Everett, Washington 98201.

Donations for two weeks of meals for the family can be sent to Marian DeWane at PO Box 2137 Boise, Idaho 83701 or the family’s choice of a memorial donations  in Lee’s name to West Snohomish County Young Life –


Congratulations to Jordan Chiles – Competing for the USA Jordan won 1st Place All Around for the Jesolo Trophy in Jesolo, Italy.

March 14, 2016
These are the age divisions for Westerns and Nationals:
2016 Level 10 age group chart
2016 West Level 9 SR age group chart
2016 West Level 9 JR age group chart

March 3, 2016
Tour jete’ and Switch Full a comparison_LM

March 1, 2016

Feb. 10, 2016
2016 updates from Committee Members:

JO information update – Laurie Reid
Region 2 Xcel SAC
Region 2 Stats Chart January 2016
Xcel Reminders 2016
Technical Reminders 2015 Linda Mulvihill_final


Daily ticket packages just announced for the Pac Rim Gymnastics Championships!  New for 2016, fans can purchase All-Day packages in addition to All-Session and Single-Session tickets.  Here’s a breakdown of the new daily ticket packages:
– Men’s Team & All Around Finals – both sessions – Apr. 8
– Women’s Team & All Around Finals – both sessions – Apr. 9
– Women’s & Men’s Event Finals – both sessions – Apr. 10
Gym Clubs can still save at the Early Bird price on All-Session tickets, or pick from the All-Day and Single-Session tickets. Gym Clubs can earn incentives on All-Session tickets purchased through February 29.  The deadline to buy discounted tickets is March 31.  Clubs can click here to download the order form. Call Group Sales at 425.322.2600 or email to order your tickets!

Feb. 3, 2016
Regionals Bid Form

Feb. 2, 2016
Women’s Artistic Coaches and Judges! Take a look at the NEW course J412- Optional Beam Connections: To Give or Not Give covering how to identify connected elements.
Visit the Complete Course Catalog on the Education page for details on the course!

Feb. 1, 2016
Hotel blocks have opened for this year’s JO National and Westerns. The links are listed below.

Level 9 Westerns Web Site
Hotel Block

Level 10 JO Nationals Web Site
Hotel Block

Dec. 31, 2015

Nov. 13, 2015 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

Technical Reminders 2015 from Linda Mulvihill

USA Gymnastics Optional updates as of Dec. 9, 2015
Code of Points Errata
Page 245 Revised page (Correction for both 1st and 2nd editions)

U.S. athletes advance on opening day of 2015 World T&T Championships

In women’s tumbling, Breanne Millard of Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics, lead the way for the U.S. Team, which advanced to the team final in fifth place with a 188.500 total score. Millard finished in 15th place at 63.500 and is the third reserve for the final. Kaylah Whaley of Knoxville, Tenn./Premier Athletics Knoxville North, scored a combined 62.800 (18th place), while Yuliya Brown of Idaho Falls, Idaho/Idaho Elite Gymnastics, posted a total score of 62.200 (21st).

International Gymnastics Camp, in conjunction with USA Gymnastics, is delighted to announce the new “IGC Athlete Spotlight” feature.  Each month during the school year, one male and one female gymnast at the developmental level will be recognized by USA Gymnastics on its Facebook, Twitter, and in its member newsletter. read more


HIGH TECH – Thank you  Metropolitan Gymnastics and everyone who participated!




Super Camp South 2015


Super Camp North 2015


North Staff

NOTE:  There will be no Congress next year – please attend your State Clinics and National Congress.

Allyson Rudd (from Black Hills Gymnastics) has committed and received her Likely Letter from Brown University.

Oct. 19, 2015
2016 National Congress Registration NOW Open! more

NOTICE: Professional Members whose Safety Certification expires July 31, 2016 can register and renew starting today!  Members can renew up to one year prior to expiration.

Oct. 18, 2015
National TOPS results are out. Region 2’s Megan Chun from HITS, Mya Wiley and Chelsea Hallinan from Olympic Gymnastics Center made the A Team. Making the National TOPS B team are Scarlette Ayakawa (HITS), Kamryn Horiuchi (HITS), Hailey Takai (HITS), Caris Baker (HITS), Kimberly Shiau (HITS), and Anna Sonnichsen (Mid Columbia). Congratulations girls and their coaches!

Oct. 12, 2015
NEW from USA Gymnastics:
J313 – Beginning Optional Skill Evaluation: Dance for Balance Beam

Sept. 23, 2015
USA Gymnastics Updates

Sept. 21, 2015
USA Gymnastics Updates

September  14, 2015
USA Gymnastics Updates

August 15, 2015

JORDAN CHILES, Naydenov Gymnastics
National Junior Vault Champion
at P&G Championships!

Also 4th on bars and 4th AA. National Team Member! Congratulations Jordan!    see video
(photo : Lloyd Smith/ USA Gymnastics)Jordan-Chiles-by-Lloyd-Smith-USAG

Region 2 Rocks! Congratulations to Our athletes in TOPS!
TOPS Diamonds for 2015
Hailey Avellar – Auburn
Caroline DeYoung – Auburn
Hailey Pellegrini – Auburn
Taniah Tomlinson – Island Tumbers
Hayden Reilly – Mismo

TOPS 8 year old National Testers 2015
Isabelle Futch – Auburn
Deanna Wen – Hawaiian Island Twisters
Megan Chun – Hawaiian Island Twisters
Gianna Hays – Olympic Gymnastics Center
Jordan Castillo – Olympic Gymnastics Center

TOPS 9 year Old National Testers 2015
Evelyn DeYoung – Auburn
Taylor Richardson – Cascade Elite West
Caris Baker – Hawaiian Island Twisters
Hailey Takai – Hawaiian Island Twisters
Kimberly Shiau – Hawaiian Island Twisters
Kaetlyn Tenesch – Mismo
Mya Wiley – Olympic Gymnastics Center
Kira Merrell – VEGA

August 11, 2015
Xcel Code Errata August 2015
Xcel Code replacement pages August 2015

August 4, 2015
Reg2 Financial Report 2015

July 31
2015-2016 Rules and Policies

July 29, 2015
New – from USA Gymnastics -JO Code of Points UPDATES:
(these newly posted items have not been updated in the electronic version of the JO Code of Points)

USA Gymnastics SCORE SHEETS July 2015
All Code of Points updates – click here
Appendix 11 – Level 9-10 Score Sheets
Appendix 12 – Level 6-8 Score Sheets
Appendix 13a – Level 8 Vault Score Sheet
Appendix 13b – Levels 6, 7, 9, 10 Vault Score Sheet
Appendix 14 – Level 6-10 Optional Requirement Chart

July 23, 2015 JO Compulsory Updates:

JO Compulsory Program 2013-2021 Revised pages 7-23-2015
2013-21 JO Compulsory Book Errata_revised 7-23-2015

Notice: Pac-12 Championships coming to UW, March 19, 2016!

Updates/revisions from USA Gymnastics – June 24, 2015
Compulsory Program Q&A revised
Compulsory Book Revised Pages

2016 Regionals will be held in Pullman, WA at WSU, hosted by Palouse Empire Gymnastics.

2017 Regionals will be held in Boise, ID at Century Link, hosted by Gem State Gymnastics.

Thank you to all who bid!

USA Gymnastics National Committee Meeting Minutes May 17-20, 2015

Xcel Committee Meeting Minutes
Joint JO/Technical
Woman’s JO Comrmittee Meeting

2016 Region 2 gymnasts college choices:
please email Marian DeWane with additional gymnasts:

Allyson Rudd (from Black Hills Gymnastics) has committed and received her Likely Letter from Brown University.
Katey Oswalt, Moutain West Gymnastics, to Lindenwood University.
Malia Mackey, Cascade Elite Gymnastics (6th at Level 10 Nationals SRC on BB) – committed to Cornel
Mary Jacobsen, Emerald City Gymnastics Academy (6th at Level 10 Nationals SRD on UB) – committed to OSU
Lauren Schmeiss, Cascade Elite Gymnastics West (7th at Level 10 Nationals on VT) – committed to Sac State
Mary Anna Peterson, Metropolitan, to SPU
Madison Ward, Idaho Elite, to Utah State

Big congratulations to all the gymnasts from Region 2 who made it to Nationals and Westerns this year. Results

We are proud of you all!
regoin 2 national 10