Hello everyone,

What a year so far.  I am still in quarantine as where I am is in “lock down”.  My heart goes out to everyone as we try to navigate through this.  We are planning on going forward with the regional meets at this time.  The newsletter is downloadable and is also below:

Region 2 Newsletter August 28, 2020

The email distribution for this newsletter was taken from the USA Gymnastics website members list July 31, 2020. I know things may be tight but please renew your professional memberships. Your state does get a $6 rebate per professional membership.  The next newsletter will use the current list of members.

I hope this finds you doing well and staying safe. The new name for JO is Athlete Curriculum for Excellence (ACE) so Tiffany is now the RACECC.

The updated Operating Code (changes are in red) and Rules and Policies are posted at these links.

Oregon State University is conducting a search for a new assistant coach. Interested candidates can apply at Oregon State University Portal | Assistant Coach for Gymnastics

Applications are accepted through Monday, August 31.

Reminder: The Region 2 Camps for fall are cancelled.  Depending on how things progress in each state, we are considering a Winter camp for Levels 8 – 10 on December 18 – 20. The decision will be made at our next committee meeting which will be the end of September/beginning of October.

National Congress: Link here to hear Li Li discuss the direction of USA Gymnastics.  Awesome job to our Region 2 members who presented in the National Congress! Frank Sahlein, Casey Chandler, Linda Mulvihill, Dianne Palmer, Laurie Reid, Susan Riley, and Marian DeWane.

New from USA Gymnastics: A “living document” on returning to competition.  It can be found at

Transitions: A long time Region 2 member Frank Sahlein and his wife Lourdes are moving to Puerto Rico. They have been long time supporters of the region and we wish them the best!

Get well wishes to Linda Mulvihill who broke her clavicle in 2 places.

Virtual Sanction – information will be coming soon about virtual sanctions from USA Gymnastics.

Sanctions:  Remember to have a valid sanction you must have an active Club with USA Gymnastics.  All on the floor must be USA active Members as well as all athletes.  For a score to count to move up levels or count as a qualifying score, these requirements must be met.

Bids are open for ACE Regional Championships Level 7 -10, 2022. The day prior, the Regional Level 6 Invitation will be held.  Questions? Please call Marian.  Bids are due by April 1, 2021. The 2022 Xcel Regional meet will be held by Northwest Aerials.

News from Joint USAG/NAWGJ Committee on Safe Re-entry during COVID-19 pandemic:  The document, Ten for 10, is a check list of ideas to ensure the safety of gymnasts, coaches and judges.  NAWGJ appreciates the work you are doing to provide a safe environment at gymnastics meets in the upcoming year. We look forward to working with you to help all participants have a safe and enjoyable experience. As you consider the modifications you will make to provide a safe environment, we thought it would be helpful if you had some ideas that our judges have suggested to facilitate their own safety as well as those with whom they interact. We recognize that different venues present different challenges and that conditions will vary. Please complete this checklist and return it to your assigner so that judges can be prepared for different meet settings. We thank you in advance for doing the best you can to promote the safety of all participants.

Calendar information from the last newsletter:

The Level 6 invitational will be hosted by the Region and is used to help fund athlete apparel. We are hoping to have 3 full sessions.  Please plan to bring your athletes.  😊

Calendar 2020 – 2021:

March 26-28      State meets last weekend

March/April       Various dates Xcel State Meets

April 15              Regional Level 6 Invite   Helena, Montana

April 16 – 18      Regionals Levels 7 – 10  Helena, Montana

April 23 – 25      Xcel Regional Gold, Platinum & Diamond            Boise, Idaho

May 7 -9            Level 9 Westerns            TBA

May 14 – 16      Level 10 Nationals          TBA

June 11 – 13      Compulsory Workshop Reno, Nevada

June 24 – 27      Olympic Trials                 St. Louis               Enterprise Center

June 22 – 27      USA Championships        St. Louis              (for all other disciplines)

June 22 – 27      National Congress           St. Louis              America Center

Possible Future Dates:

Please note, this is NOT final, dates are subject to change depending on circumstances.

WAG Last weekend 9/10 State Regionals East/West JO’s
2022 3/25-3/27, 2022 4/22-4/24, 2022 5/13-5/15, 2022 5/20-5/22. 2022
2023 3/24-3/26, 2023 4/21-4/23, 2023 5/12-5/14, 2023 5/19-5/21, 2023
2024 3/15-3/17, 2024 4/12-4/14, 2024 5/10-5/12, 2024 5/17-5/19, 2024
2025 3/14-3/16, 2025 4/11-4/13, 2025 5/2-5/4, 2025 5/9-5/11, 2025
2026 3/13-3/15, 2026 4/10-4/12, 2026 5/1-5/3, 2026 5/8-5/10, 2026

The approved agenda for the fall Region2 Committee meeting:  Please contact your state chairman with your opinions!

Agenda Items:

Call to Order

Financial Report: Marian and discussion on previous suggestions:

Level 10 entry fee to Level 10 Nationals (have the region no longer pay – this would provide half the funds for Level 10 apparel)

Level 6 Invite run by Region day before Regional meet (Use to raise funds for Level 10 apparel)

Head Taxes (Raise the tax to cover athlete apparel?)

States Pay the Level 9 apparel costs for Level 9 Western Championships ($125)

Reports Regional Chairs:

  • Linda Mulvihill RTCC
  • Dianne Palmer RXCC
    – Qualification to Regional Meet
  • Tiffany Quincy RACECC
  • Qualification to Regional Meet
  • Denise Green R2NAWGJ

Reports State Chairs:

  • Charlene Moss SACC Alaska
  • Pam Zak SACC Hawaii
  • Mark Kindelspire SACC Idaho
  • Josh Burnham SACC Montana
  • Meg Doxtator SACC Oregon
  • Sandy Flores SACC Washington

New Business:

Gymnastically yours,


Region 2 Newsletter July 19, 2020

The email distribution for this newsletter was taken from the USA Gymnastics website members list July 19, 2020.

I hope this finds you doing well and staying safe. We hope you are all up and running soon. I know everyone is worried about the future.

From Linda:

If you need to have music checked, there is a new form attached and on the website. Send to Linda Mulvihill. The steps then are:

  1. Form and music forwarded from RTCC to C Naik (JOPD) only
  2. JOPD will then rename email subject as it pertains to region and athlete name for easier tracking
  3. Renamed email sent from JOPD to C Hamilton (NTCC) and C Maloney (JOTD)
  4. Once approvals are received back from NTCC and JOTD, JOPD will forward over signed approval form back to RTCC
  5. RTCC will need to sign and date form before sending back to coach
  6. JOPD will keep copies of all forms, for future reference if needed

Questions that came up on vault at the Region 7 Clinic:

Q.#1: Level 6 & 7 Vault: how is the Angle of Repulsion measured?
A#1: For Level 6/7 Vaults, the Angle of Repulsion is determined by the Line from the Hands through the Hips (center of mass). If there is a shoulder angle, measure from the shoulders to hips.

This is different than the method used to determine the angle for Level 4/5 Compulsory Handspring as well as Non-salto vaults at JO Levels 8-10 and Xcel Gold/Platinum/Diamond. Level 6/7 Vault is intended as a “timer” to develop the Handspring Front Salto vaults and Tsukahara/Yurchenko vaults with salto and therefore the expectations in body position are different.

Q#2 Does the Angle of Repulsion using the line from hands to hips apply to the Level 4/5 Compulsory Handspring vault?
A#2: No, use the directive in the current Compulsory book on pages 82, 114 and 156: “Angle of Repulsion (failure to leave the vault table by vertical – Angle of repulsion is

determined by the angle created from the hands to the body part that is furthest past vertical.)

Q#3: Is the Angle of Repulsion determined by the line from Hands to hips for Non-Salto vaults for Xcel Gold/Platinum/Diamond and JO Levels 8-10?
A#3: No, use the same method as described in the Compulsory book, but the Xcel deduction is only “Up to 0.50” instead of “Up to 1.00” as in Level 4/5 Compulsory and Non

Salto vaults at Level 8-10.

Q#4 For Level 6/7 Vault, if the feet are not in alignment with the body line when using the line from hands to hips, how is it handled?
A#4 If the feet are not in alignment, it would be considered a body posture error (pike or arch).

From Tiffany:

The Region 2 Camps for fall are cancelled.  Depending on how things progress in each state, we are considering a Winter camp for Levels 8 – 10 December 18 – 20.

From Marian:

The Level 6 invitational will be hosted by the Region and is used to help fund athlete apparel. We are hoping to have 3 full sessions.  Please plan to bring your athletes.  😊

Calendar 2020 – 2021:

March 26-28       State meets last weekend

March/April       Xcel State Meets various dates

April 15                 Regional Level 6 Invite   Helena, Montana

April 16 – 18       Regionals Levels 7 – 10   Helena, Montana

April 23 -25        Xcel Regionals   Gold/Platinum/Diamond – Boise, ID

May 7 -9               Level 9 Westerns

May 14 – 16        Level 10 Nationals

June 11 – 13       Compulsory Workshop Reno, Nevada

June 24 – 27       Olympic Trials                    St. Louis               Enterprise Center

June 22 – 27       USA Championships        St. Louis               (for all other disciplines)

June 22 – 27       National Congress           St. Louis               America Center

Possible Future Dates:

Please note, this is NOT final, dates are subject to change depending on circumstances.

WAG Last weekend 9/10 State Regionals East/West JO’s
2022 3/25-3/27 4/22-4/24 5/13-5/15 5/20-5/22
2023 3/24-3/26 4/21-4/23 5/12-5/14 5/19-5/21
2024 3/15-3/17 4/12-4/14 5/10-5/12 5/17-5/19
2025 3/14-3/16 4/11-4/13 5/2-5/4 5/9-5/11
2026 3/13-3/15 4/10-4/12 5/1-5/3 5/8-5/10


Marian DeWane

Tentative 2020-2021 Calendar

Greetings Region 2 Pro Members,

This newsletter is being sent based on the membership list at USA Gymnastics May 18, 2020.

Another week, and I am hearing about successful gym openings in some states.  Hopefully, all states will be open soon.

The next Region 2 Committee Meeting will be May 29th.  If you have any items you would like discussed as agenda items, please send them to your state chairman by May 25th so I can get them on the agenda.


Celebrating 2020 Seniors’ on USA Gym. Instagram story!

For the next three weeks (the duration of graduation season) on our Instagram stories, we’ll be posting photos of graduating high school gymnasts from across the country! Each day, we’ll feature a number of athletes from all disciplines. Keep an eye on our IG page to spot the gymnasts from your area. Thank you for helping us celebrate the class of 2020 in this special way!


Considerations on a Safe Reopening

USA Gymnastics recommendations on opening back up.  Remember though, your state and local CDC and government regulations take precedence.

GK Give Back Program

GK recognizes the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the gymnastics community and is committed to supporting gymnastics clubs and athletes through this difficult time. That is why they are introducing the GK Give Back Program, which will give back 30% of retail sales to registered gyms through June 6! Learn more and sign up for the program TODAY at

Live Virtual Education Courses

Brand new virtual courses taught by Tom Koll, National Junior Olympic Committee Chair, there will be two separate offerings of these courses – see dates and times listed below. The same information will be covered in each session, so please feel free to register for the one that works best with your schedule.

W203: Women’s JO Current Compulsory (2013-2020) Routine Refresher for Level 3 Beam & Floor

  • Wednesday, May 27 10:00a.m. – 12:30p.m. ET
  • Friday, May 29 10:00a.m. – 12:30p.m. ET

W204: Women’s JO Current Compulsory (2013-2020) Routine Refresher for Levels 4/5 Beam & Floor

  • Wednesday, May 27 1:30 – 5:00p.m. ET
  • Friday, May 29 1:30 – 5:00p.m. ET

USA Gymnastics University Online Courses

Now is a great time to invest in your education! USA Gymnastics offers a wide range of affordable online educational courses that can help further professional development goals of coaches, judges, club owners and administrators.

Recorded Webinars:

Newsletter May 2020

Dear Region 2 Pro Members,

The e-mail list for this newsletter was generated from USA Gymnastics May 9, 2020.

This is very bittersweet; our athletes and coaches would have been rocking Level 9 Westerns this last weekend and next weekend our Level 10’s would be at Nationals.  My heart goes out to all our community, our clubs, coaches, judges, parents, and athletes that are trying to survive through all this. Things will not be the same when everyone can get back in the gym and reaching a new “normal” will be challenging.

The Regional Committee met April 15th and May 1.  Minutes from both meetings are attached.

The National Administrative Committee continues to have weekly conference calls to keep us updated.  All regional congresses have been cancelled and National Congress will now be virtual at a lower cost.  All the National meeting minutes will be posted in the next couple of weeks.  Please know all committees tried to make changes minimal during this time but there are some changes.

USA Gymnastics is working on developing Industry Guidelines for maintaining health and wellness during this time as well as recommendations to assist clubs.  They are only recommendations as local CDC Guidelines must be followed and supersede any recommendation. Check here for updates:

Also  here are some quarantine workouts put out by the national staff:

Newsletter April 17, 2020

  1. Tell your athletes and coaches!

USA Gymnastics plans to create a video that is basically a “you miss gymnastics, we miss you” for young gymnasts that will be posted on USA Gym Social Media etc. The producer is looking for a selection of videos from coaches saying “I or We miss you” or something similar or inspirational that he can include. The only thing he asks is that you shoot the video horizontally, NOT vertically on your phone. Creativity is encouraged! Incorporate your staff – pass this along to your coaching friends. Please wear your gym t-shirt or Team USA apparel, if you have some – so you are clearly associated with gymnastics. This would be a great opportunity for your staff and gym coaches from all over the country to send a message to athletes that we miss them. I know you are already doing this, but this is more of a community-wide effort and we would love to feature our Women’s Program leaders.

Please send your videos by Monday April 20th to Annie Heffernon at

Click on the links below to see some examples received so far.

  1. SACC elections are final. Although only two elections were held, there are three new chairmen.  Congratulations to all the new chairmen.

Alaska – Charlene Moss will take over for Martha Dunn who is moving to PA.  Good luck to Martha and thank you for 10 great years on the committee.

Hawaii – Pam Zak retained her position as chairman.

Idaho – Mark Kindelspire continues as chairman.

Montana – Josh Burnham continues as chairman.

Oregon – Meg Doxtator will be the new chairman.  A big thank you to Molly Gill for all her work as chairman.

Washington – Sandy Flores will be the new chairman.  Kudos to Susan Riley for all her work on the committee.

  1. Don’t forget to send in NCAA bios! See the last newsletter for details if you missed it.
  2. Calendar, Congress, Camps (CCC)

The committee is currently looking these items and will update everyone after our committee meeting April 18th.

  1. Webinars for Club Owners
    1. These are free and missed webinars are recorded for you to listen to. They are excellent.
    3. Also check out 3rd Level Consulting with Region 2’s own Frank Sahlein – they are hosting a lot of online seminars for everyone that are excellent!
  2. SARS-2 (coronavirus 2019) updates – there is a lot of good information here.
  3. Weekly RACC meetings with USA
    1. Everyone feels strongly there should be few changes for next year.
    2. We are waiting for information on National Congress location and date for 2020.
    3. Louis is still planned for 2021 Olympic Trials and Congress. Dates are being finalized.
    4. The May meetings of the NAC, NJOC, NTC, NXC, and the Joint meeting will be scheduled as Zoom meetings. They will occur at approximately the same time as usually scheduled. Dates should be out in the next 2 weeks.
    5. NO National Club of the Year will be chosen this year so Regions and States do not have to choose one.

Download the newsletter

Region 2 Newsletter March 30, 2020

This newsletter comes with great hope that we will soon all be able to be off quarantine, and everyone can begin the recovery process. I know things are uncertain at this point.  There are many resources for everyone at the following link including upcoming webinars:

The weekly conference calls with USA have been very beneficial.  They are keeping us abreast of all the possible changes in the works. They are looking at redoing schedules and changing in response to the postponement of the Olympics. As soon as I know about dates/location for National Congress, I will let you know.

  1. 2021 Westerns and Nationals
  • The 2020 hosts were given the first right of refusal. After April 1, they will know if both hosts can host in 2021. For Level 10 Nationals in 2021, Emerald City has indicated they do want to host.
  1. Regionals
  • Region 2 and all other regions are all giving the first right of refusal to the regional hosts that did not get to host in 2020 unless they had already awarded the 2021 bid. If that was the case, they are offering them first chance on the 2022 bids. I am waiting on hearing from all the parties involved and will announce as soon as this is finalized. This will include having a calendar of events for 2021 and 2022.
  • Some research was done on the possibility of rescheduling the Region 2 Xcel Championships to late spring or early summer.  It was deemed that the number of potential participants and well as the number of clubs that might have participated would not be representative of a championship event.   In addition, it is entirely unclear when things will return to normal and everyone’s well-being is of the utmost importance.   As such there will be no rescheduling of this event.
  1. State Chairman Elections
  • Elections begin April 1 and continue through April 15th. In Region 2, no elections will occur in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.
  • Alaska will have a new chairman, Charlene Moss. Current Chairman, Martha Dunn, is moving back east to take care of her mother.  We wish her the best and she will be missed.  She has been an excellent representative for Alaska.
  • Mark Kindelspire will continue in Idaho and Josh Burnham in Montana.
  • Oregon will have a new chairman, Meg Doxtator. A big thank you to Molly Gill for all her work on the committee. She has done a great job as state Chairman of Oregon.
  • Hawaii is having an election between Cora Taylor Fonseca and Pam Zak.
  • Washington is having an election between Sandy Flores and Susan Riley.
  1. Regional Senior Recognition

The region is going to have a section on the website for the senior class of this year. Anyone with seniors, please send your state chairman the following by April 15th:

Name Club Level College/University/Plans Picture

If you can do it in this table format, it will be easier to put together.  We have permission to have them on the website if we do not have birthdates or USAG numbers.  I will have a section for each state.  I know it cannot replace them having a season ending event,

but we can pay them tribute.

  1. NCAA and USA Gymnastics (any high school athlete grad year 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 that is interested in college gymnastics)

USA Gymnastics has been working with the NCAA to help connect athletes and schools.  They have come up with a form that will be will put together as a list for colleges and universities. Please see the attached form. Reminder – athletes also need to go online and update their bios at USA Gymnastics. Directions on doing this are on the attached form. Once live, there will be a hyperlink attached to each athlete’s name that will take you to their online bio, which is why it is so important that these be filled out.  Athletes will be able to enter in any social media webpages specific to them (personal webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).  These will prove helpful to recruiters, as they will still be able to see any videos of routines or skills that have been uploaded.

4/10: Form due back to

4/15: NCAA tab on website live with athletes listed

  1. Agenda Items Regional Meeting

Please send any ideas for agenda items to your state chairman. The agenda will be sent in for approval April 5th to the NACC, so any items will be due April 4th.  The committee will be having a ZOOM meeting April 18th.

  1. National Meetings

All regional chairmen are having meetings in May (dates to be determined). Please send any items you want put on agendas for discussion to the appropriate chairman:

Administrative: Marian DeWane

Technical: Linda Mulvihill

Xcel: Dianne Palmer

JO: Tiffany Quincy

Stay safe everyone!


Download the newsletter

USA has Cancelled all Events through May 10th and Cancelled Level 10 Nationals

Dear Region 2 Pro Members,

You should have received an update from USA Gymnastics today. Your Regional Committee and USA Gymnastics worked to find solutions to allow athletes to complete their seasons, especially the seniors, but keeping athletes, coaches, and fans safe is the number one priority.  Given this, USA has cancelled sanctions through May 10th and cancelled Level 10 Nationals. I know this is heartbreaking to our athletes and coaches that have worked so hard. I can’t even begin to express the sadness I feel for everyone involved.

We will keep you apprised of any updates.

Region 2 Congress is still on the Schedule for August 1 and 2.

The Regional Committee will be having a conference call for our April meeting that would have happened at the Regional Meet.  If anyone has items they want discussed, please send those to me by April 1st.



Effective immediately, USA Gymnastics has canceled all events and event sanctions through the end of March

Please communicate with your membership how this affects your states and regions.  The attached document is what will be going out to the entire gymnastics community shortly.  Please see below for some additional information from the National Office:

  • We will be canceling meets & sanctions through the end of March, maybe longer.
  • We know this causes quite a bit of disruption and impacts qualification procedures – but we also know that our community’s health must come first.
  • We will refund sanction fees, or allow postponement of meets.
  • We also know that you have questions on whether or not to provide refunds for events, which will depend on your unique situation and circumstances.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these unknown waters.  Together, we will get through this rough spot, and come out even stronger as an organization.

Dear Region 2 Pro Members,

As you are all aware, all state meets THROUGH MARCH 31 are now cancelled.  Compulsory and Xcel meets may be able to be postponed but for Optional Levels 7-10, the steps I outlined in the last newsletter are in effect with 2 exceptions. 1. The regional committee has changed the number of scores for qualifying at Level 7 and 8 to one (1) score instead of two (2).  2. We requested to lower the qualifying score for regionals for 1 year to the qualifying score for state meets since no state meets are being held. It has been approved so all Level 9 and 10 athletes with a 32 AA are qualified to the regional meet. This also means specialists would qualify with an 8.5, the same as for a state meet.  At this time, all regional meets are still scheduled. Your State Chairmen will keep you up to date on the latest developments and what coaches need to do. Please know we are also researching additional possibilities to reach Western and National Events in case regional meets are also cancelled.



Below is a newsletter with many important updates including information on updates on possible schedule changes due to the corona-virus.     Your state committees will be in contact with you with any updates at the state level.
1. State Meets
2. Regional Meet
3. Safe Sport
4. Level 10 Nationals
5. Apparel
6. Injury Petitions
7. Bar Settings
8. Agenda Items
Please stay safe!

Dear Region 2 Pro Members,

The list for this newsletter was generated on March 11, 2017 from USA Gymnastics membership lists.

I know there is some concern about the coronavirus and how it may affect our athletes, coaches and spectators at upcoming state and regional events. The safety of everyone is paramount in our minds. We certainly do not want to jeopardize anyone, and we do expect everyone to take the required precautions including washing their hands often to keep safe. If anyone is sick, they should not attend events. Coaches and athletes have the choice as to whether they are comfortable competing and spectators have the option as to whether they wish to attend or not. Currently, the only way for our Level 9 and 10 athletes to qualify to Western’s or Nationals is through the regional meet.  As a region, we have come up with an alternative plan for athletes to reach the regional meet if a state meet is not held. The Regional meet is planned as scheduled in Helena, Montana. While this is not a journey we have planned to be on, we will work together to make this be the best we can for all our members.

  1. State meets are under the jurisdiction of each SAC. Currently, all state meets are scheduled as planned across the country and in Region 2. Alternative plans are in the process of being formed by each SAC. Each SAC will keep their state’s informed. While we understand that competition disruption is not ideal, the health and well-being of our athletes and members must be our top priority. If a state meet does have to cancel Levels 7 – 10, the RAC has established a plan for these athletes to move on to the Regional meet.
  2. For JO optional athletes to qualify to the JO Regional Meet in case a state meet is cancelled see below. REMINDER- THIS IS ONLY IF A MEET IS CANCELLED.

If a state meet is cancelled, Level 9 and 10 AA athletes can move onto the Regional meet without petitioning, if a 34 AA this season has been earned or a 35 AA last year at the same competitive level during state, westerns, or nationals. These scores would be submitted to the state chairman that would make a list of qualifiers from their state for the regional meet.  Following the same process, an individual event specialist (IES) can move onto the Regional meet without petitioning if a 9.0 from this year has been earned or a 9.25 from last year’s state or regionals at the same competitive level has been earned.

Since Level 7 and 8 athletes are a percent of a percent, a different route will be done to qualify to the regional meet. Coaches will submit the top 2 scores for each athlete and the state chairman will average the scores and then rank the athletes in order. Using the number determined by the RACC for a state’s allotment, the state chairman will then submit the list of Regional meet qualifiers from the rank order.

  1. This question was submitted to me. Question: Would it be against safe sport to not have spectators at gymnastic meets? (Some areas have limited the number of people at an event.)

Answer from Shelba Waldron (USA Gymnastics Director of Safe Sport Education and Training): It would not be against safe sport. We would consider this “open and interruptible” as coaches and judges and others would still be there. It’s not an ideal situation, but I think at this point everyone understands why that scenario would occur. A perfect scenario for this would be if it could be live streamed.

  1. Level 10 Nationals: Currently, USA Gymnastics is planning to still host the Level 10 National meet in Tacoma. They are looking at alternative plans and will inform the regions by the regional meet if any changes in venue will occur.
  2. Don’t forget the first apparel store closes 3/12 at midnight. It will reopen during state meets but the earlier it is ordered, the better. The extra time will make sure it will be delivered to YOU.



  1. Injury Petitions to the Regional Meet Levels 9 and 10: Read page 84 # 10 in the Rules and Policies! ONE (1) e-mail is to be sent to Linda Mulvihill at with ALL the required materials attached. A petitioning athlete pays their entry fee for the regional meet at the state meet.  A petitioning athlete can compete in 3 events at the state meet.  If the athlete competes in 4 events, the petition is invalid as they must now qualify by AA score in the state meet.  If an athlete is injured in the state meet on the 4th event, there is a special form to petition.
  2. Bar settings for LEVEL 9 and 10. See the Rules and policies page 104 II. 2.2)i. The 2.5 minutes per athlete INCLUDES SETTING THE BARS regardless of the format.
  3. Please submit any items you want the region to discuss at the Regional Meeting to your state chairman.

Stay Safe everyone,

Marian DeWane, RACC