Region 2 Election Results 1-16-2020

Dear Region 2 Pro Members,
Election results are in. No candidate received 51% of the vote so there will be a runoff between the top two candidates. The two earning the most votes were Tiffany Quincy and Jeff Lutz.

The runoff election will begin this Friday January 18th and end February 1st.

Voting Instructions:

Elections will be conducted online at January 18 – February 1st. In order to ensure that your vote can be counted, each Professional Member should make sure of each of the following:

1) That their address is current (specifically the State)

2) That they know their personal User ID

3) That they know their password

4) That their Professional membership, safety certification and background check must be fully processed and current.

If you have any questions regarding your voting privileges, please call USA Gymnastics Member Services – 1-800-345-4719.

Region 2 News

Dear Region 2 Pro Members

  1. Voting for RJOCC is open until January 15th.  Your vote is important, please vote!
  2. One bid for Xcel regionals was received.  The committee awarded the bid to Performance Plus Events in Boise, Idaho for 2021.
  3. Bids for JO Regionals 2021 are being reopened:

Due to unforeseen circumstances that were just communicated to them, Hawaiian Island Twisters will no longer be able to host Regionals.  After much discussion, and with deepest regrets, HITS is removing their bid for Regionals in 2021. They hope to have the opportunity to host regionals in the future.

Due date for the bids will be March 1, 2020.

I hope everyone is having a great start to their seasons.  Stay healthy and travel safe!



New Element Approved

Beam – Pike with a Quarter Turn (Download the PDF)

Beam – Gainer Back Pike off two Feet (Download the PDF)

Beam –Gainer Back Tuck off two Feet (Download the PDF)

All new elements for 2019 are listed on the Coach and Judge Technical Info Page

Level 6 Invitational:

Register online at USA gymnastics and then mail a check made out to Region 2 to:

Marian DeWane
PO Box 2137
Boise, Idaho 83701

The first 80 PAID entries will be accepted into the meet. Funds made from this session will go towards athlete apparel.


Nominations Due By December 15th

RJOCC Position

Congratulations to Ivan Alexov as the new assistant Coach at Boise State University.  We wish him well in his new endeavor. This will result in an election being held to complete his term.

Job qualifications:


1. Must have coached a gymnast who has qualified to Level 9 or 10 Regionals within the prior or current Olympic cycle and

2. Is presently coaching at the Junior Olympic level.

3. If a candidate does not meet the above criteria, the Regional Administrative Committee may nominate a candidate with demonstrated ability and suitability for the position.


A. Attend the meetings of the Junior Olympic Committee (JOC).

B. Serve as: • Chairman of the Regional Junior Olympic Committee (RJOC) • A member of all Regional Committees

C. Provide a minimum of one (1) Regional training camp per year for gymnasts and coaches.

D. Assist with the regional clinic or congress and competitions when called upon by the RACC.

E. Submit a financial report to the RACC for reimbursement of travel, phone and postage expenses.

F. Be prepared to represent the views of the region at annual meetings by the use of surveys and observations.

G. Support the regional teams at Junior Olympic Nationals and investigate and pursue financial support or donations for regional apparel.

H. Act in conjunction with the Regional Technical Committee Chairman (RTCC) on petitions and element evaluations.

I. Recommend topics, content, and presenters for Regional Congress.

J. Establish a Regional Junior Olympic Committee (RJOC).

K. Submit a written report to the Regional Administrative Committee Chairman (RACC) of their activities in the region i.e., clinics, training camps, etc.

L. Review and accept or deny petitions to drop back from the Elite to JO Program.

The RJOC is part of the JUNIOR OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (JOC) The Junior Olympic Committee (JOC) shall be responsible for the Women’s Junior Olympic Program by coordinating a National effort to inform, train, educate and advise gymnasts and coaches in the Junior Olympic Program to:

A. Formulate philosophies and give direction to the program.

B. Work in conjunction with the Technical Committee (TC) on: • All technical aspects, competition format and rules and regulations of the Junior Olympic Program • The deductions for the Junior Olympic Compulsory Exercises • Evaluation of elements

C. Develop the Compulsory Routines.

D. Establish score requirements and qualification guidelines and procedures for the various levels of competition.

E. Establish the Junior Olympic Competition schedule.

F. Direct the activities of the Junior Olympic National Team, i.e., training camps, exhibitions, demonstrations and athlete and coach selection.

G. Revise the Junior Olympic section of the USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies on an annual basis and submit to Administrative Committee for inclusion.

H. Conduct and direct educational programs for the community.

I. Work in conjunction with the Technical Committee (TC) to evaluate petitions received.

J. Review and accept or deny petitions to drop back from the Elite to JO Program.

Election Procedure:

a. Regional Administrative Committee Chairmen (RACC) shall solicit nominations from the regional Professional membership through the regional newsletters and websites.
Download the Nomination Form here – 2019 R2 Nomination-RJOCC

b. All nominees who are eligible candidates for each office will be placed on the online ballot.

c. A call for nominations by the Regional Administrative Chairman must be published and/or posted online for a minimum of one month prior to the submission deadline.

d. The following statement will be placed on the USA Gymnastics national website and e-mailed to all Women’s Professional Members who have current e-mail addresses. Each Region and State should post it on their websites so that the Professional members are aware of the voting procedures and their responsibilities to ensure that their vote will be counted.

Elections will be conducted online at January 1 – January 15th. In order to ensure that their vote can be counted, each Professional Member should make sure of each of the following:

1) That their address is current (specifically the State)

2) That they know their personal User ID

3) That they know their password

4) That their Professional membership, safety certification and background check must be fully processed and current.

If you have any questions regarding your voting privileges, please call USA Gymnastics Member Services – 1-800-345-4719.

e. Each RACC must verify that the nominee meets the criteria for nomination, has agreed to run, understands the job requirements and has submitted a brief resume/statement of purpose (no more than 300 words). Endorsements shall not be included. Any incumbent shall not use non-public email or mailing labels for campaigning or private use.

f. Each RACC electronically sends to the Women’s Junior Olympic Program Director the name, city and state and the résumé of each candidate (no photos) in a Microsoft Word document no later than December 15, 2019.

The official Slate of Nominees for each region will be posted on the USA Gymnastics website, with voting to begin by January 1, 2020. The voting will be concluded on January 15, 2020.

h. Regional officers shall be elected by majority (1 over 50%) of the votes cast.

i. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a run-off election will be held between the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes. The run-off election will allow all Professional members who were current by the date to vote. The Women’s Junior Olympic Program Director will work with the individual RACC on the procedures for online run-off elections.

j. In the case of a tie in the run-off election or in an election with only two candidates, the National Chairman of the respective committee will vote to break the tie.

k. Write-in votes will not be allowed. l. If only one nomination for regional office is received, the National Chairman of that respective committee will cast one (1) vote and the nominee will be elected by acclamation. This information is also to be sent to the Director of Program Administration by December 15, 2019.

m. The week after (TBD), the RACC’s will receive their respective region’s election results by email, including the actual vote counts in the event that any of the candidates wants to know this information. The RACC’s will notify all of the candidates of the election results.

n. Election results will be posted on the USA Gymnastics website.

o. The National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC) shall send a copy of the verified vote count to each candidate in each respective election, upon request of the candidate.

The next meeting of the Region 2 Committee will be at the Region 7-10 meet on Thursday April 16th at 6:00 pm. If you have any items you would like the committee to discuss as agenda items, please send them to your state chairman.


Region 2 Xcel Athlete Clinic October 2019

Clinic Oct 2019Xcel Reg 2 Clinic Oct 2019

2020 Regional meet information in Helena Montana


News from Region 2

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  • Summer News and Results
  • Camps
  • Calendar
  • Meet Directors
  • New Rules and Policies
  • New Compulsories
  • Agenda items for September meeting

September Newsletter Region 2


Region 2 Xcel Clinic Graphic

Xcel Athlete Clinic Registration Forms GE 2019

North Super Camp 2019 2 Image

Download the North Super Camp Flier


Rules: JO Optionals

Additional replacement pages and Appendix 8:




Appendx08_2018-2022_L9-10cheatsheet rev 8.15.19

Congratulations to Our Region 2 Athletes in the HOPES Program

At the HOPE”S Classic in Salt Lake City Hailey Avellar of Auburn tied for 5th in the 10 -11 year old division and 23rd in the 12-13 age division was Sammy Smith of Gym East 28th Isabelle Futch from Auburn.

Congratulations to the Region 2 Program of the Year – Metropolitan.

Letter from Li Li Leung

May 22, 2019

To the women’s and men’s gymnastics Junior Olympic community:

With the 2018-19 Junior Olympic season coming to a close this month, I wanted to send my heartfelt congratulations to the athletes and coaches, not only to those who competed at the Junior Olympic National Championships, but also to everyone who participated in every level of the Junior Olympic program for your hard work and dedication.

I had the opportunity to attend both the men’s and women’s National Championships and watch young women and men giving their all on behalf of their regional teams.  It was wonderful to meet so many of the athletes, parents, club owners, coaches and judges.  I enjoyed watching the talented young men and women perform and presenting medals, as well as welcoming some of the newest men’s junior national team members and participating in the women’s entrance tunnel of “high-fives”.  It was a personal treat to see many familiar faces from my days as a gymnast and coach and to meet new ones.

Watching the competition brought back treasured memories from when I competed as a gymnast, and a time when I didn’t realize how much time and effort meet directors, coaches, club owners, judges, administrators, volunteers and parents put in to stage all of the competitions, from invitationals to state, regional and national Junior Olympic championships.  This doesn’t include the hours spent training and coaching athletes, running the club, and shuttling children. We appreciate your commitment to doing what it takes, and we recognize that we wouldn’t be able to do this without your support.

Thank you for everything you all do on behalf of our athletes.  Your dedication and passion are evident, and all of you are the reason gymnastics is the incredible sport it is.

I am looking forward to the next season!

Li Li Leung
President and CEO
USA Gymnastics

Region 2 Junior 4 Team Champions!


Region 2 looking great on training day at Western Championships!!