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Congratulations to Our Region 2 Athletes in the HOPES Program

At the HOPE”S Classic in Salt Lake City Hailey Avellar of Auburn tied for 5th in the 10 -11 year old division and 23rd in the 12-13 age division was Sammy Smith of Gym East 28th Isabelle Futch from Auburn.

Congratulations to the Region 2 Program of the Year – Metropolitan.

Letter from Li Li Leung

May 22, 2019

To the women’s and men’s gymnastics Junior Olympic community:

With the 2018-19 Junior Olympic season coming to a close this month, I wanted to send my heartfelt congratulations to the athletes and coaches, not only to those who competed at the Junior Olympic National Championships, but also to everyone who participated in every level of the Junior Olympic program for your hard work and dedication.

I had the opportunity to attend both the men’s and women’s National Championships and watch young women and men giving their all on behalf of their regional teams.  It was wonderful to meet so many of the athletes, parents, club owners, coaches and judges.  I enjoyed watching the talented young men and women perform and presenting medals, as well as welcoming some of the newest men’s junior national team members and participating in the women’s entrance tunnel of “high-fives”.  It was a personal treat to see many familiar faces from my days as a gymnast and coach and to meet new ones.

Watching the competition brought back treasured memories from when I competed as a gymnast, and a time when I didn’t realize how much time and effort meet directors, coaches, club owners, judges, administrators, volunteers and parents put in to stage all of the competitions, from invitationals to state, regional and national Junior Olympic championships.  This doesn’t include the hours spent training and coaching athletes, running the club, and shuttling children. We appreciate your commitment to doing what it takes, and we recognize that we wouldn’t be able to do this without your support.

Thank you for everything you all do on behalf of our athletes.  Your dedication and passion are evident, and all of you are the reason gymnastics is the incredible sport it is.

I am looking forward to the next season!

Li Li Leung
President and CEO
USA Gymnastics


Region 2 Junior 4 Team Champions!




Region 2 looking great on training day at Western Championships!!


Region 2 Olympians from 1968 Olympics in Mexico City at Western championships in Spokane:

Joyce Tanic Schroeder and Linda Metheny Mulvihill

Throwback Thursday:

RTC Linda Metheny Mulvihill competing back in the day at College Nationals:

LMM College Nationals

If you have facebook, you can watch it here.

April 12-14, 2019 Regional 2 Championships – Corvallis, Oregon


The final session timeline, including age groups for Levels 9 and 8 is now available on our website:  For questions about Region 2 Championships

The deadline for PERSONAL MESSAGES AND PHOTOS has been extended to FRIDAY, APRIL 5. Don’t miss out on highlighting your gymnast or team on the BIG SCREEN!

Sponsors’ deadline is also now Friday, April 5. Highlight your business, meet or camp for a great price!

Find mor27069_e information on these opportunities on our website.

One of our sponsors, Jill Hicks, with JH Consulting, will be available in the front lobby of Gill Coliseum throughout the weekend. Stop by and chat with Jill about your college gymnastics dreams and questions!
Check out Visit Corvallis for great Corvallis area information!

Another sponsor, Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy has an informative website!

You will find all meet information on the website including parking information, admission prices-Remember, CASH ONLY-, host hotels and vendors on the website.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Championships weekend. See you soon in Corvallis!


The RACC Election will be conducted online at from April 1 – April 15.

In order to ensure that your vote can be counted, each Professional Member should make sure of each of the following:

1) That your address is current (specifically the State)

2) That you know your personal User ID

3) That you know your password

4) That your Professional membership, safety certification and background check has been fully processed and current.

If you have any questions regarding your voting privileges, please call USA Gymnastics Member Services – 1-800-345-4719.

Region 2 March Newsletter

Download the newletter here (.doc)

Events 2018 – 2019 Season

2019 Level 8 – 9 10 Regionals April 12- 14 in Corvallis, Oregon.
2019 Level 7 Invite April 11 in Corvallis, Oregon.
2019 Westerns May 10 – 12 in Spokane, Washington

2019 Level 10 Nationals May 18 – 19 in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted by USA Gymnastics

Updates to 2019 and 2020 Event Dates

2019: Level 9 E/W – May 10-12, JOs  – May 17-19

2020: Level 9 E/W – May 8-10, JOs  – May 15-17

Congratulations Mya and Mackenzie! Great job representing Region 2 at the Nastia Cup!

Nastia Cup 2019

Region 2 Hawaii Camp

Region 2 Hawaiian Camp.jpg

Congratulations to the two qualifiers for the Nastia Liukin Cup from Region 2

Mackenzie Estep in the junior division from Auburn and Mya Lauzon in the senior division from Metropolitan.

Developmental Camp

Representing Region 2 at developmental camp from Auburn Gymnastics Center are Hailey Avellar and Isabelle Futch (far left and the 2nd gymnast) as well as coach Ivan Alexov the Region 2 JO Chairman.

Nominations for Women’s Regional Administrative Committee Chairman:

Election Procedure:

  1. Regional Administrative Committee Chairmen (RACC) shall solicit nominations from the regional Professional membership through the regional newsletters and websites.  Nominations for the position of RACC will be sent to the National Administrative Committee Chairman. (Download the Nomination Form – PDF)
  2. All nominees who are eligible candidates for each office will be placed on the online ballot.
  3. A call for nominations by the Regional Administrative Chairman must be published and/or posted online for a minimum of one month prior to the submission deadline of no later than March 1.
  4. The following statement will be placed on the USA Gymnastics national website and e-mailed to all Women’s Professional Members who have current e-mail addresses.  Each Region and State should post it on their websites so that the Professional members are aware of the voting procedures and their responsibilities to ensure that their vote will be counted.

Elections will be conducted online at from April 1 – April 15.  In order to ensure that their vote can be counted, each Professional Member should make sure of each of the following:

a)      That their address is current (specifically the State)

b)      That they know their personal User ID

c)      That they know their password

d)      That their Professional membership, safety certification and background check must be fully processed and current.

If you have any questions regarding your voting privileges, please call USA Gymnastics Member Services – 1-800-345-4719.

5) Each RACC must verify that the nominee meets the criteria for nomination, has agreed to run, understands the job requirements and has submitted a brief résumé (no more than 300 words.)

6) Each RACC electronically sends to the Women’s Junior Olympic Program Director the name, city and state and the résumé of each candidate (no photos) in a Microsoft Word document no later than March 15th.

7) The official Slate of Nominees for each region will be posted on the USAGymnastics website, with voting to begin by April 1st.  The voting will be concluded on April 15th.

8) Regional officers shall be elected by majority (1 over 50%) of the votes cast.

9) If no candidate receives a majority vote, a run-off election will be held between the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes. The run-off election will allow all Professional members who were current by March 31 to vote.  The Women’s Junior Olympic Program Director will work withthe individual RACC on the procedures for online run-off elections.

10) In the case of a tie in the run-off election or in an election with only two candidates, the National Chairman of the respective committee will vote to break the tie.

11) Write-in votes will not be allowed.

12) If only one nomination for regional office is received, the National Chairman of that respective committee will cast one (1) vote and the nominee will be elected by acclamation.  This information is also to be sent to the Director of Program Administration by March 15.

13) The week after April 15th, the RACC’s will receive their respective region’s election results by email, including the actual vote counts in the event that any of the candidates wants to know this information.  The RACC’s will notify all of the candidates of the election results.

14) Election results will be posted on the USA Gymnastics website.


This handbook is intended to explain policies within the Region. Policies not under regional control are referenced to the Rules and Policies and Operating Code of USA Gymnastics. The handbook will be updated yearly to be in accordance with any changes to the R and P, Operating Code, and Regional policy changes. Regional policies are identified with an * and a date when they were put into effect. Download the Region 2 Handbook (.docx)

Technical Q & A – November 2018

In the November meeting, the Technical Committee reviewed a number of questions which were presented by the gymnastics community. These topics will be discussed and finalized at the Joint JO and Technical Committee meeting in May, but for the purposes of giving direction for the 2019 winter/spring season, these questions and answers will be posted on the Regional websites -Technical page.

Any additional questions should be submitted to your respective Regional Technical Committee Chair, who will share them with the other RTCCs for inclusion on the Regional websites.


Q1: What is the correct mat stack specifications for the Level 2 Vault? There is a discrepancy between the R&P and the JO Compulsory book.

A1: Compulsory book is correct. R & P will be updated. Minimum of 16”, 24” or 32” (+ 1”).


Q2. Can an Inquiry include the “Not Up to the Level of competition” Composition deductions?

A2: Yes, the deductions specifically listed in the charts are considered “flat” deductions and may be included in inquiries. The Inquiry form will be updated by Linda T. and Myra and Connie will post it on the website at

Q3: Can Meet Directors pay judges by alternative methods such as Pay Pal or Venmo?

A3: Yes, if there is agreement between the Meet Director and the individual judge prior to the competition.

Q4: May the gymnast wear a medical bracelet while competing?

A4: Yes, but it should be covered by tape or some type of bandage.

Q5: May animals be present at USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition?

A5: For the safety of the athletes and other participants at a competition, it is not acceptable to allow animals in the competition Field of Play. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, designated/qualified service animals would be allowed in the competition venue (spectator area).

Q6: Is the “Incorrect attire” deduction different for JO and Xcel competitions?

A6: Yes, 0.10 for Xcel; 0.20 for JO, after a warning, taken on the next event.


Q7: How is the angle of arrival determined for Level 6/7 Vault?

A7: If there is a closed shoulder angle, measure from shoulders to hips.

If there is an open shoulder angle, measure from the hand to hips.

Q8: How is the angle of repulsion determined?

A8: Measure from the hands to the lowest body part. (This is the same as in the past for non-salto vaults.)

Q9: What is the deduction for landing sideways on a Level 6/7 Tsukahara timer vault?

A9: There is no specific deduction at this time; deduct for any applicable direction, body position and execution errors.

Q10: Is there a deduction for not going through vertical on the Level 6/7 Tsukahara timer?

A10: Not specifically; use appropriate body alignment and/or direction deductions.

Q11: What is the deduction if a Level 6/7 gymnast vaults with the Vault Table below 115 cm?

A11: Apply the 0.30 deduction for incorrect apparatus specifications.

Q12: Must the mat behind the Level 6/7 mat stack be placed in a certain direction?

A12: The mat behind the mat stack may be placed sideways or lengthwise at this time.


Q14: When do you start counting for a concentration pause?

A14: You begin counting when the gymnast is stationary or is readjusting arms, feet or body prior to initiating an element or series of elements.

Region 2 at Developmental Camp

Back row: Coaches Jill, Kelly, Ivan, Chris, Ian
Front row athletes: Kaetlyn, Isabelle, Chloe, Jayla, Josie (in order left to right)


January Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone! I wish everyone a fabulous season.  Many of you have already had your first meets.  Here are a few updates for the season.

Questions that have come up: The WTC committee reviewed questions which had been presented by the gymnastics community at their November meeting. These topics will be discussed and finalized at the Joint JO and Technical Committee meeting in May, but for the purposes of giving direction for the 2019 winter/spring season, these questions and answers will be posted on the Regional websites – Technical page. Download the full newsletter.

Xcel Program Overview

Updated December 10, 2018