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2019 Region 2 Newsletters


2019 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

June 2019 Agenda Items

Region 2 Committee Meeting

6:00 pm June 26, 2019

The MAC Club

RACC Report – Marian (including financial)

RJO Report – Ivan (excused) Marian has his report

RTC Report – Linda

RXCC Report – Dianne

NAWGJ Report – Denise?

State Reports:

  • Alaska – Martha
  • Hawaii – Pam
  • Idaho – Mark
  • Montana – Josh
  • Oregon – Molly
  • Washington – Susan

Agenda items June meeting:

  • Logo ideas – Mark
  • POY work – Martha

1) We discussed the need to add a clause that the clubs in question must be in good financial standing with both their home state and the region.

2) I’d like to tweak the sportsmanship so that every gym getting a vote gets some love.  To do this, I’d like to try the following: a) Voters can select five gyms; 2) First, second and third still get 30, 20 and 10 points, respectively.  Anyone else who gets a vote gets 5 points “honorable mention”.

3) A suggestion to give each voting member of the regional committee a vote.

4) A suggestion to ask each panel of judges to confer with the person timing warmups to see if everyone played nicely together during warmups.

Xcel Regional Meet 2020 Logistics – Dianne

Bids for Regionals 2020 and 2021 Both JO and Xcel – Marian

Regional Congress 2021 dates and location

Regional Awards

April 2019 Agenda Items

Call to Order: Marian DeWane

Regional Administrative Chair Report: Marian DeWane

Financial Report: Marian

Swag for athletes Level 9 ($125) and 10

Regional bids 2020

Dates 2020 and 2021

Regional Junior Olympic Chair Report: Ivan Alexov

Training Camps dates and hosts

Change for High Tech to invitation and adding Friday night Hotshots

Regional Technical Chair Report: Linda Mulvihill

  •  Petitions
  •  Suggestions Rule Changes in May
  •  Dates state judges list due (currently July 1) move to later?

Regional Xcel Chair Report: Dianne Palmer

NAWGJ Report: Denise Green

Business Discussion items:

Level 7 or 6/7 Regional Meet

Xcel Regional Meet

Proposing to USA to add a session to Level 10 Nationals for specialists

Revisit Level 8 34.00 AA as well as % of a %

Qualifying scores regionals Level 9 and 10

Clarification dual roles

State Reports:

  • Alaska: Martha Dunn
  • Hawaii: Pam Zak
  • Idaho: Mark Kindelspire
  • Montana: Josh Burnham
  • Oregon: Molly Gill
  • Washington: Susan Riley

Program of the Year

To be considered for the Region 2 Junior Olympic Program of the Year (POY), a gym should demonstrate a high level of success in athletic achievements at Levels 9 and 10The attached point system has been adopted to assign points based on individual gymnasts’ achievements at Levels 9 and 10 for the current season. Gymnasts’ points are then credited to their gym and the points totaled. The goal is to determine programs with a high level of excellence and a broad depth of program through use of quantifiable methods. Points accrued by each gym will be used as a factor when determining the regional POY. The nominee must be a member in good standing with the Region.

2018 Region 2 Handbook

This handbook is intended to explain policies within the Region. Policies not under regional control are referenced to the Rules and Policies and Operating Code of USA Gymnastics. The handbook will be updated yearly to be in accordance with any changes to the R and P, Operating Code, and Regional policy changes. Regional policies are identified with an * and a date when they were put into effect. Download the Region 2 Handbook (.docx)


2018 Region 2 Newsletters

2018 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

Approved budget 2018 – 2019 season

Region 2 Handbook – 9/2017

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2017 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

2016 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2016

Feb. 10, 2016
2016 updates from Committee Members:

JO information update – Laurie Reid
Region 2 Xcel SAC
Region 2 Stats Chart January 2016
Xcel Reminders 2016
Technical Reminders 2015 Linda Mulvihill_final

2015 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

USA Gymnastics National Committee Meeting Minutes May 17-20, 2015

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