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2018 Region 2 Committee Meeting Minutes

Approved budget 2018 – 2019 season


Regional Meeting Agenda

Meeting date: September 28, 2018

Welcome 7:00 pm

Agenda Items:

  • Westerns and Nationals 2019 and 2020 (if information is known)
  • Regionals 2020 (if dates are known)
  • Substitution of Level 8 Judges at regionals (Linda and Denise)
  • Number of judges per state for regionals (Susan)
  • Setting an amount for coach apparel for each “earned” apparel credit. (Marian)
  • Fundraising for athletes (Marian)
  • Xcel Invite (Dianne)
  • Meet Referee responsibilities (Linda)

Committee Member Reports:

  • RAC Marian DeWane
  • Financial Report and Budget
  • RTC Linda Mulvihill
  • RJOC Ivan Alexov
  • RXC Dianne Palmer
  • RNAWGJ Denise Green
  • Alaska Martha Dunn
  • Hawaii Pam Zak
  • Idaho Mark Kindelspire
  • Montana Josh Burnham
  • Oregon Molly Gill
  • Washington Susan Riley

New and Other Business


Region 2 May Newsletter 2018 (Click for Full Newsletter.doc)

Dear Region 2 Professional Members,

As you are aware, lots has been happening at USA Gymnastics.  During all this, we still do not know who will host Westerns and Nationals this year.  (While not official, the word on the street is Level 10 will be in Indy). Also, the dates for 2020 are not set.  This may change the regional date in 2020.  Until we know for sure, we cannot confirm the host of the regional meet in 2020. We all want to know!  As soon as I am informed of this information or it is published, I will get it out to the community.

The e-mail list for newsletters is generated from current pro membership at the time of the newsletter.  The e-mail address on the USA website is the list used.  If you want to change an address, please do so the USA website under your profile.

Congratulations to the 2018 Judge of the Year Priscilla Hickey and the 2018 Program of the Year Auburn Gymnastics Center.

Congratulations to all the judges who have passed their exams so far.  Good luck to those who are yet to test.

Be sure and read the new Rules and Policies.  There were several changes. All changes are highlighted in yellow.  If you have any specific questions, just let me know.

Reminder Camps/Clinics: High Tech is September 29/30 at Metropolitan, South Camp October 13/14 at Naydenov, Inland Camp October 20/21 at Dynamic, North Camp October 27/28 at Auburn, Xcel camp Idaho October 13 at Bronco Elite and Xcel Camp Montana September 22 at Lone Mountain.

Regionals this year is going on as planned and is hosted by Oregon State University. Mary Law is the meet director and can answer all your questions.

We have several from Region 2 who qualified to the TOPS camp!  Congratulations to 360, Athletic Edge, Auburn, Avant Coeur, Cascade Elite, Gymnastics East, Hawaiian Island Twisters, Metropolitan, Mismo, National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics, Northpointe, Olympic Gymnastics, Seattle Gymnastics Academy, and Vancouver Elite. Good luck to all the athletes at their upcoming camps! 

The regional committee will be meeting the Friday before High Tech and have many items on the agenda.  If you have comments about any issues, please let your state chairman know. (Agenda is below).

As a region, we are doing fine financially.  We had $62,910.79 at the end of the fiscal year. The complete financial report is on the regional website.

A new club owners association has been formed and several clubs from our region are members. Sandy Flores is the New Vice-President, Kim Thompson is treasurer, and Brent Phelps is Region 2 Representative. Club owners, if you have any questions about this association, contact Brent.

Please keep all your suggestions for changes for 2019-2020, write them down, and send them to Linda for technical changes, Ivan for JO changes by May 2019, and to me for administrative changes.  I already have items submitted!

I wish you all the very best this season!


Marian DeWane, RACC

Region 2 May Newsletter 2018 (click for full newsletter.doc)

  • Regional Congress
  • Results Level 10 Nationals and Level 9 Westerns
  • Program of the Year
  • Date High Tech
  • Notes Regional Meeting

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